Monday, June 21, 2010

Been Commissioned for Father’s Day

For Father’s Day, my dad wanted me to make a Snoopy card for my grandpa since my grandpa is a Snoopy fan. I got paid $1 (not enough, but awesome, though more would be nice). My grandpa LERVED IT VERY MUCH! The next time I see my grandpa, I’ll be sure to ask him if I can borrow it for my attempt to show you the card I made. If you’re a Snoopy fan and if you don’t mind fan art, you’ll love it, trust me.

In the meantime, here’s the original images I found off of Google images that I traced every Snoopy/Woodstock pics off of:




To spoil all of you with context information of those 3 images traced in mostly on the commissioned made-up card for Father’s Day, for the 1st image of Snoopy dancing, I traced everything for the front cover of the Father’s Day (which is not the best, but I did good, though). For the last 2 images (which I’m referring to the image of Snoopy hugging a heart and just an image of Woodstock the bird), I mixed those 2 together with Snoopy bear-hugging Woodstock (yep, I’ve replaced the heard with squeezed, bear-hugged Woodstock), which Woodstock didn’t appreciate it too much. XD Snoopy hugs Woodstock just for his attempt to expose the spirit of Father’s Day, which Woodstock understands, but he tried to get for Snoopy to realize that Snoopy was squeezing him. For some difference with the Woodstock in the card that whomever drew that last image did not add on there. I added in the mouth/teeth in the facial expression that he’s squeezed by Snoopy and his enthusiasm towards Father’s Day. Also, I made Woodstock’s toe-tips aimed in the air.

Aimed in the air like Edd when he was pressured from Ed from the bear-hug from “Who’s Minding the Ed”:

Who's Minding the Ed_0001

(I rotated in this angle for the sake of providing you guys of how I made Woodstock’s feet aim at this rotation)

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

R.I.P. Abigail Perkins

R.I.P. Abigail Perkins: 2001 (logical guess)-2010

Abby, the cat of mine and my mothers has passed away yesterday. ): It's her time, nothing killed her but time. She has been suffering a lot lately. She's in a better place now. I remember my mom getting her as a kitten and she had to declaw her front paws just to get for my dad to accept Abby in the house before my parents got separated/divorced. She was a sweet and loving kitty. She didn't like other animals but Cheech (my dog), it's amazing how both Cheech and Abby got along from 2008-2010, Cheech is all wild to the cats and Abigail hated the guts of other dogs. She was playful, even for old age till she started to suffer enough that resulted to her death. Now that she passed away, we might get my dog, Cheech a new buddy that qualifies for Cheech, me AND my mom. Cheech gets lonely when we have to go somewhere that bars pets.