Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Youngens of the Atsons.

CRIPES! I haven’t posted crap for a while, so here are some Atsons character designs.



John and Sally




Baby Lerman


More designs coming soon: The parents and the pets.


Now, time for the backstory of the idea of the Atsons. Just a name I came up with when I was 10 or something when I imagined copyrighted images of family sitcoms (e.g. The Oblongs, Baby Blues, Family Guy, The Simpsons, etc.). Don’t worry, folks, it won’t be a copy of the Simpsons like Family Guy is. It won’t have a dumbass fat father like Homer (the Simpsons) and Peter (Family Guy), the father will be skinnier and a scientist or something.




Lemonade Stand:

Just an average day of Sally in the lemonade stand getting an annoying brother (John) and no customers but rude ones.


Now here’s a sketch screenshot of an upcoming animation thing-a-ma-jig featuring Cutter the cat: