Tuesday, August 10, 2010

My Part For a Collab Under Construction

img038 The Scanned Version Of MY Part Of The Collaboration

The scanned drawing has been made last week. Imagine23 from deviantART wanted to do a collab with me about my characters vs. his.

Tatsunoko-VS-Capcom-box-art He wanted to do the collab reflecting to the parody of the game cover. Now I’m not too much of a crazy fan of anime action games like that, but Imagine23 showed me this cover for an attempt to have me get the picture that he wants to do an action collab with our characters against each other.

For the details of my part of the collab, I wanted Juan to have the boating oar to give Imagine23’s characters A NASTY BEATING, probably like the Ren and Stimpy banned episode, “Man’s Best Friend”. For Aaron, I wanted him to cower out as he’s like Double D; he doesn’t want to fight, so he goes Juan with the nasty beating with an oar. I copied an oar Juan’s holding off the R&S episode. Hey, every artist/cartoonist has got to get the skill-related inspirations from the stuff that’s well-made and not all crappy, right!? For the spiky background, I was about to ink and color it variously, but ugh, it was too much. I’ll just square off the background. Above Juan and Aaron, I’ll add in the text that says:

“The Juan & Aaron Show


For under VS., I’ll have Imagine23 insert his series there. Now on to finishing it. I’ll tell you guys if the inking/coloring/texting above characters is done. I’ll post the coloring version. I will NOT have this on deviantART until Imagine23 did HIS part. His part is when I’m done with MY part. Then it’ll be his turn, he uploads the full version into deviantART, then I’ll upload it into MY deviantART to share to you guys, here, etc.