Saturday, December 21, 2013

COMMISSION SALES: Elfatures (caricatures of yourselves as elves)

I was given an idea to do a caricatures of you guys as elves, and I thought it's a great idea, especially around Christmas time. Close to Christmas, right?

I'm offering to draw the caricatures of you guys as elves for a $2, flat charge. Elfatures if you will. Get it? Elfatures? Caricatures? I can do a JPEG on your elfatures. I can do it on just paper, or have it completed (digitally colored). 

EXAMPLE (Elfature of our president, Barack Obama):

Drawn on paper:

Digitally colored:

If you either want it just on paper alone or digitally colored, please notify.

I can also have your elfature on deviantART, Facebook, through PM (private messaging) or wherever you wish to have it uploaded. I'll be happy to have it uploaded for public view, but if you wish to just have it uploaded privately (through PM if you will) for security-related reasons or whatever reason it may result to you not wanting your elfature for public view, please lemme know!

How do you guys pay me? You guys can pay me through WePay.

Buy Now

If you want your elfature sketch mailed to you, lemme know with your address through PM (it'll be safe with me), and I'll mail it to you.

I'll be happy to do one for your family members and friends if they wish.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to Christmas coming around the corner, it may be done AFTER Christmas. Because of time being, please bare with me.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

New Scanner


The drawing I done months ago based off of my attempt to draw the dogs based off the ‘how to draw dogs’ book I got from my school library. I have more, but I feel like uploading this at the moment.