Sunday, October 2, 2011

Perktoons Production Logos


PerktoonsThe one I made last month.




Perktoons 2The one I made this morning.


Your vote. What logo do you think I should use?

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Cogswell Street Studio Logo Done By My Dad & I


Here’s the logo stuff my dad and I did for a graphic design merit badge thing AND for my dad’s client who’s part of the public school thing, Janice Kershaw. We did this few years ago or something. We did the Cogswell Studio logo at the back door too. This place is one of the disabilities area up in Rockledge. Thanks, Google Map/Street View, for managing to let one of the done graphic designs be seen streetwise. I don't have to go up there to do so.

That was a learning experience for me on graphic designs. It went well.

Angry Cutter Drawings

Just sharing few random Cutter pics.


CutterangryDone a week ago.



Cutterangry2Done last night.



I might consider doing a model sheet for Cutter too. Along with Cambo and Mr. Bimble.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Youngens of the Atsons.

CRIPES! I haven’t posted crap for a while, so here are some Atsons character designs.



John and Sally




Baby Lerman


More designs coming soon: The parents and the pets.


Now, time for the backstory of the idea of the Atsons. Just a name I came up with when I was 10 or something when I imagined copyrighted images of family sitcoms (e.g. The Oblongs, Baby Blues, Family Guy, The Simpsons, etc.). Don’t worry, folks, it won’t be a copy of the Simpsons like Family Guy is. It won’t have a dumbass fat father like Homer (the Simpsons) and Peter (Family Guy), the father will be skinnier and a scientist or something.




Lemonade Stand:

Just an average day of Sally in the lemonade stand getting an annoying brother (John) and no customers but rude ones.


Now here’s a sketch screenshot of an upcoming animation thing-a-ma-jig featuring Cutter the cat: