Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Youngens of the Atsons.

CRIPES! I haven’t posted crap for a while, so here are some Atsons character designs.



John and Sally




Baby Lerman


More designs coming soon: The parents and the pets.


Now, time for the backstory of the idea of the Atsons. Just a name I came up with when I was 10 or something when I imagined copyrighted images of family sitcoms (e.g. The Oblongs, Baby Blues, Family Guy, The Simpsons, etc.). Don’t worry, folks, it won’t be a copy of the Simpsons like Family Guy is. It won’t have a dumbass fat father like Homer (the Simpsons) and Peter (Family Guy), the father will be skinnier and a scientist or something.




Lemonade Stand:

Just an average day of Sally in the lemonade stand getting an annoying brother (John) and no customers but rude ones.


Now here’s a sketch screenshot of an upcoming animation thing-a-ma-jig featuring Cutter the cat:



  1. how old r u? Cuz dude dont start planning a series at 12. Just develop ur skills and then start planning. Dont run before u can walk

  2. I'm 19, thank you very much.

    Your friend,
    Nicholas T. Perkins

  3. o god really. Dude Like i said maybe develop ur skills a bit more then pla for a series

  4. I really think drawing skills need to be developed more than a "little"... this looks worse than what I drew in 5th grade, and I don't draw that much

  5. I don't think you'll be able to sell this as a series. Or anything, as a series, actually. Not because your art is weak and your character designs are contrived and your concepts and stories are tired and uninteresting, mind you. I saw how you went off on Bob Camp on Facebook. Extremely unprofessional.
    Animation is a small industry with an even smaller history, and if you stay on your high horse, with your head in the clouds about the golden age of animation, you won't succeed. It's a different game to how it was in the 40's, it's a different game to what it was in the 90's. Maybe if you did less idol worship and more life drawing, still life drawing and general practice, you'd be in more of a position to talk about your work professionally, and learn how to not annoy individuals, least of all veterans of the practice.
    Good luck, I suppose.

  6. One thing, who is this?

    -Nicholas T. Perkins

  7. To the last comment: It wasn't unprofessional, Nick was just sick and tired of Bob insulting John K. and stuff, when the whole thing happened decades ago! He literally snaps, even if you mention John's name or Spumco, he snaps at you as if he died or something! Bob badmouthed John saying that he wasn't invited to do the commentaries, when in reality, Bob would uninvite himself, he can't win seriously! You're probably someone who thinks Johnny Test is a perfect example of good animation(which it isn't! It makes Seth MacFarlane's computer-animated stuff or the South Park animation seem excellent), to me, the golden-age era had the most beautiful drawings, and that really showed in the older Looney Tunes cartoons, the first two seasons of Ren and Stimpy, APC, Dexter's Laboratory, The Powerpuff Girls(the other ones I've mentioned apart from Looney Tunes did follow the older-style, so yeah), Tom & Jerry and whatnot, I feel as if animation has gotten lazier and easier to do nowadays, thanks to the influences of Scott Fellows(who has NO experience in making cartoons whatsoever! I can tell)!

    To put it this way: How would you feel IF you saw how downhill the animation industry went, and want to show the world what real animation was, and all of a sudden, due to executives and voicing your opinions, everybody calls you a stubborn, arrogant jerk?! The thing is, I own some of the boxsets and John does NOT badmouth Bob surprisingly, he compliments some of his art on the show, and Eddie Fitzgerald even said the Games eps were better than anything else running at the moment! To me, John Kricfalusi is a creative genius that needs more credit than he gets and I just wish people would stop insulting him, just because of what Bob Camp and Billy West say(Oh, and I spoke to Richard Pursel with Nick, and he explained how things really happened!)! Billy West is an amazing voice actor, don't get me wrong, but I think he's a little too hard on John, considering John is the guy who put him on the map!

    Anyway, I love your concepts and I can't wait to work on them myself(as I am the voice of Cambo himself!)! I'll try to watch lots and lots of Regular Show if you know what I mean!


  8. Nowhere did I badmouth John K. He's a creative genius. He's just not the be-all and end-all of the animation world. Ever heard of Otto Fischinger? Or Jan Svankmajer? Or Sally Kruikshank? Or David O' Reilly? Animation doesn't end with American television cartoons, and I'd encourage you to expand your horizons and let yourselves out of your comfort zones. You'll be exposed to a world of animation that may shock and astound you, and with any luck, inspire you too.
    That's all I wanted to express. That idol-worship will leave you in a rut creatively. But if you're happy with that, that's okay by me.

  9. To zac, Your a fucking idiot. Really ur just like NPI u are obsesed with one animated show Ren and Stimpy, and just bad mouth everything else. I think ren and stimpy was just ok. Im not even the guy who commented before u im just some random reader. And if I feel ur that wwrong that i have to comment is sad. U and NPI are kinda a joke. Get over the 90's and stop sucking John K's Dick. And stop defending NPI this ideas shit and same with the character design. O wacky family havent heard that before. The only thing i thought was funny was Baby Leerman cuz thats just gotta be a joke or something. It was that bad.

    So in closing Fuck U Zac and suck my dick.
    - A random reader that thought u were so wrong they had to comment.

  10. ლ(゚д゚ლ) Y U SO MAD BRO??? ლ(゚д゚ლ)

  11. Above-I'm an idiot, for what, expressing my opinion?! I'm not "sucking" John K's "dick"(Actually, that term is quite disgusting! x.x! Why use it as an insult?! Homophobe.....), because if I did, I'd be going "Oh John K is so wonderful" and I'd be stalking him all the time, which I don't, my opinion on things is that the golden-age era was better! Like the majority of the public with John, you're misunderstanding what I'm saying, if I want to do something a certain style, I'll do it, same goes for Nick! I'm assuming you're a Family Guy fan(this is not why I don't like you, and for the record I DID like the early seasons of FG), or something like that, not everyone's gonna like the same thing, that's human nature, you've gotta face the fact! A major thing I don't like about Family Guy is the hurrendous character development, because you don't change let's say someone like Stewie from being an evil, maniacal baby, to a "cuter", homosexual baby(Okay, he was gay in the early episodes too and that I don't mind, but still, it's all they focus on), it feels like a soccer mom phoned in and complained(why change an awesome evil genius character into a "cuter" character?! Family Guy is for ADULTS, not kids!)

    I don't hate Family Guy completely, I can understand why John would hate the art though! "Get over the 90s", okay, now I definitely know you're a little kid, and I'm sorry, everybody is allowed to criticise, but you can't make judgements about me or Nick, because you don't know us personally, the above of the above of the above Anonymous person said things in a much more mature manner and to him, I apologise if I seemed over-defensive!

    As for the one ABOVE the poster above me, I'm sorry, but I won't suck your dick, because 1. I don't like you!(you're one of those types that I know that's a jerk) 2. I'm not a homosexual, will you kids think about that when using that insult?! I'm not homophobic, but you lot are, yet you tell people to suck your "dick"?! and also, please learn how to spell! -Zac

    Oh and thanks to the above poster! =)